Learning Blender

Since i started with getting interested in 3D Graphics a few years ago, i always wanted to be able to create fancy looking renderings and models for my own projects. I tried several modelling tools over the time, but for several reasons i never got that deep into a specific tool. Either they were too overpowered and complex for my needs, proprietary or too simple.

About two months ago i decided to give Blender a try – and guess what – i REALLY liked working with it. After getting comfortable with the not so usual interface, it’s really straightforward to work with it.
But what i really want to transport with this post is that it’s it not necessary for learning blender to buy a expensive course to get started. There are plenty of good tutorials out which can get you started. Here’s a short list:
Single Tutorials:

Some of the Documentation from above is a little bit out of date because Blender changes some things from time to time. If you find something not working as described in the Tutorials, just take a look at the Blender Wiki and search for the Topic – their documentation is up to date by nature.
If you like Blender, consider buying a book from their store to support the further development – even if you don’t really need it ;-)

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